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Who knew starting a private practice could be so overwhelming?

How do you get clients? What do you do first? Do you need forms? Should you rent a space? What’s this about online counselling? Is anyone actually going to pay me what I deserve? Do I have to offer subsidy or a sliding scale?

It’s enough to drive you back to child welfare or something. Your clients might hate you and you have no autonomy but at least you know you can feed your family.

Seriously. Don’t do that. That’s a sure ticket to Prozac and a drinking problem right there.

Let’s figure this out together. You need some tools to define your practice, figure out your genius zone, and the client’s you’d love to work with (because you can and you should!) and to organize yourself so you can take action, delegate tasks, and do what you really love to do – help people!

Start and grow a private practice, private practice strategies

Click the link above and you’ll be taken over to my private practice building site and community. We’ll hang out, we’ll talk strategy, and I’ll share all the tools and resources to help you start and grow a private practice that serves you and those you want to help.