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Scarlett + Co is the number one resource for psychotherapists looking to build the website that expresses who they are and helps them target the client’s they dream about working with. Scarlett + Co is a one stop shopping package for any counselor who wants to start and build a private practice. From branding to design, pages to posts, this site is our online design space specifically for psychotherapists. We work with psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, and other talk therapy and helping types to build an online space that reflects the unique qualities that make you a dream therapist.


Websites for therapists, start a private practice, Canadian therapist websites, Scarlettandcodesigns.com

We love building websites. Seriously. Love it. And when the website designer is also a therapist, you know you’re in the right place.

Scarlett + Co builds exclusively on WordPress. Because WordPress is simply the best platform around. And, if you want to change your design, the look or even the kind of clients you want to work with down the road, WordPress sites make that easy.

We currently only accept 3- 4 clients per month because we like to focus on the person we’re building for. Which means that sometimes there’s a wait list. It also means that we’re super picky about who we like to work with because we like to be well matched. Just like clients and therapists, right? Don’t worry. We’ll send you a no commitment questionnaire that will help us both decide if we’re well matched for working together.


  • You want to start and grow your private practice and you’re ready to build that practice by creating the website of your dreams.
  • You believe in investing in yourself and your business. Yes, your practice is a business. Which means you know that building the business side is important and you’re ready to invest in a great website to attract your clients.
  • You’re clear on who you are as a therapist and who you’d like to work with. Your site will be designed to attract your dream client.
  • You’re excited to get going. Hey. It costs money to build a site. If you’re going to get stuck on the shape of the “w” or the exact shade of blue, that’s kind of a clue for both of us that you may not be ready. If you get stuck here, it’s way more about self doubt and fear than the shade of blue in your header. (Did we mention that the owner is also a therapist?)
  • You can trust a designer to do the design work without losing your mind. Some of us are too Type A to work with a web designer and that’s okay.



Have you ever been hanging out somewhere and you can’t rid of the creepy guy hitting on you? Or gal… we know you know what we’re talking about here. Or maybe you’re on vacation and you don’t want to share who you are “in real life”. Meet Scarlett. When Jenna was younger (much, much younger)  Scarlett was the name she’d give out to Mr. Creepy. Or Mr. Not So Creepy But Please Don’t Try to Find Me When We Go Home. #scarlettwenttovegasonce #sheissorryaboutthefakenumbers

Basically Scarlett is Jenna’s alter ego. And if you remember meeting Scarlett somewhere in the 80s or 90s, please keep scrolling and pretend you didn’t. MMMkay?

In reality, there is no Scarlett. It’s just Jenna’s favorite fake name and favorite Southern belle and Jenna kind of figured if Scarlett O’Hara went into the web design business, this is what she would have called it.

Scarlett + Co as a business model has an interesting backstory. The site was originally designed as an online furniture business between two friends. Shortly after building and launching the site, one partner decided this wasn’t for her and wanted out which left the other (that would be Jenna) with a fully operational website under a name she didn’t want to part with. Jenna, the designer of the site and one half of Scarlett + Co bought out the business and closed down the original furniture and home decor shop and spent some time thinking about how to rebrand what she felt was too cool of a name to part with.

Since Jenna is a therapist, online business coach, and has turned her business practice to working only with therapists, it seemed kind of logical to transform this site into the sister site of her super cool build a private practice business. Jenna spends most of her time helping therapists start their own private practice and grow their business. And because she also designs websites, she figured maybe some one stop shopping was in order. Learn more about her practice of helping other therapists right here. 

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Of course not. But when we have a wait list we do give priority to therapists, counsellors, and others in helping profession. Jenna started out building sites for female entrepreneurs who wanted to build an online business and these brilliant boss ladies were her first clients. She’s still loyal to the girlbosses who want to work with her. But she’s also a psychotherapist along with being a business coach. Which means she’s pretty good at designing websites for therapists. And she believes that if you’re looking to start and build a private practice, you’re also an entrepreneur which means we’d love to chat with you.

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Get in touch! We can answer  any questions you have about the process of designing a website or help you with a critique and an overhaul of site if you already have one.