Join our private Facebook Group just for counsellors, social workers, and psychotherapists in private practice in CANADA.

There’s a lot of great information out there but most of it’s designed for therapists in the US. Not this time.

We’re all true north strong and free of HIPAA (because we have provincial privacy laws and PIPEDA.) and insurance struggles that plague US practitioners.

Canadians have their own unique challenges in private practice. More than just having to wear winter coats for 7 months of the year. That’s why I created a carefully curated group of therapists who are currently in practice or are are looking for tips and resources to get started.

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Whether you’re just at the asking questions and getting started stage or you’ve been in practice for awhile this group is for you if:

  • You want to learn everything there is to know about starting a practice (in CANADA!)
  • You want tips, resources, and opportunities to learn from others who’ve been successful
  • You want opportunities for referrals to your practice or would like to make connections to others accepting referrals (Sometimes there are clients that simply aren’t for us- a referral to someone that works for them is always good practice and they’ll appreciate and remember your help when they need what you do have to offer)
  • You’re tired of trying to figure this out alone and fed up with googling “how to start a private practice”
  • You want to grow your practice through collaboration with others
  • You want opportunities to learn new streams of income
  • You’d like to hang out with people that get what you do


I check out each and every application to the group to ensure that everyone accepted is able to legit and able to participate in a meaningful way. Lurkers are welcome (Hey, I’m ridiculously introverted. I get it.), spammers are not. We welcome sharing your practice stories, asking questions and seeking answers, tips and resources, groups or workshops you offer, and collaboration over competition.

private practice for Canadians, start a private practice in Canada, private practice resources,


Fill in the form below, outlining your request to join the group. You’ll be sent a link to the group, where I’ll ask you a few simple questions before accepting your application. Yeah. It’s a tight club. Because you want answers and connection, not ridiculous self promotion and spammers, right?