$50/ month

  • Software and plugin updates
  • Weekly site backups
  • 30 minutes of support (no rollover)
  • Access to ongoing training
  • Reliable monthly hosting
  • Uptime and security monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group for Canadians in private practice

Maybe a bit more than that


  • Software  and plugin updates
  • E-Commerce updates
  • Daily site backups
  • 60 minutes of support each month (no rollover)
  • Access to ongoing training
  • Reliable monthly hosting
  • Uptime and security monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group for Canadians in private practice

brain hurts. take over already


  • Software and plugin updates
  • E-commerce updates
  • Daily site backups
  • 120 minutes of monthly support (no rollover)
  • Access to ongoing training
  • Reliable monthly hosting
  • Uptime and security monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group for Canadians in private practice

ready to talk maintenance?

9 + 5 =


What happens if my website gets hacked or goes down?

Sometimes worlds collide. Like the time that guy you made out with in a bar turns out to be your supervisor at the new job you started the next day. (That’s from Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t have an exciting social life like that.) Sometimes the internet or a plugin has the hiccups. Maybe the plugin is just being a bit of an asshat and can’t get along with the other plugins. Sometimes a crazy entitled person with no skills and narcissistic personality disorder gets elected president. We know. Shit happens.

Maintenance is designed to prevent calamaties (although we had no control over the presidency) and I’ll be working my substantial ass off behind the scenes to prevent big calamities. Having said that, should something happen I’ll be there. Like State Farm really. It will be my job to communicate with web hosting on your behalf, to work through the fighting between plugins and to save you from the White Screen of Death. Unlike the US election, I can’t promise things won’t get hacked. But I can promise I’ll do everything under my control to prevent and clean up or restore any meltdowns on your site.  

What sort of things can I used the dedicated support time for?

Let’s be super honest here. The 30 minute support time will likely be used up in maintaining your site and completing any required updates and backups as well as fielding any crisis you might have. Website wise, I mean. Personal stuff? I’m not so good at that. Mostly because I’m rarely the voice of caution. Ahem.

For those that choose more comprehensive plans, content update requests and small design improvements are the most common requests I get, however anything that can fit into your monthly support time is up to you. If you want to use a half an hour to sip wine with me while we zoom chat and admire your site and talk WordPress, that’s cool, too.

Requests for new features or major changes to your website will likely result in a formal quote as those commonly go over the monthly dedicated time. Don’t worry. I’ll submit a quote for your approval before anything gets going. We’re all about transparency around here.  

What if I need more hours than what the package allows?

Hey. Things happen. Maybe you’ve find your dream niche. Maybe you hate being a therapist and have discovered cooking and want to turn your site into the latest greatest cooking show. (What? It could happen.) If you have a task or a project that requires more than your dedicated monthly time we can chat about it and I’ll submit a quote for you to approve separately from your plan.

Sometimes things that you think are little aren’t and the opposite can also happen. I do look at requests that exceed your time on a case by case basis, and (always with your approval…we’re collaborative like that), may work past the time and bill for time exceeded at my current support rate of $75/hr. For additional projects that are actually design related as opposed to maintenance, I’d submit a quote based on one of my design packages based on an hourly rate of $125/hr or offer a package that is tailored to suit your needs. HINT: Packages are usually a better deal than hourly rates if you’re feeling thrifty and like you’re trying to manage your New Year’s resolutions about sticking to a budget.

I already have hosting from somewhere else. Do I get a discount on the plans?

You’ve been busy spending money in all the other places? Ugh. That sucks but no hard feelings. Hosting (and your domain name and registration) are offered complimentary if you choose a design package with us. Cool, right? It does not affect the pricing of the maintenance package. 

Why can’t I rollover my monthly time or save it for a bigger project?

Your maintenance package is kind of like a retainer fee like you’d have with a lawyer. It reserves a dedicated time slot in my monthly planner so that you don’t have to wait to access help with your site if something goes wrong. The rest of the time dedicated to you is spent maintaining and backing up your site. I have a waitlist and prioritize my work in order of when I receive referrals and requests. Your package means that there won’t be a wait when you need help because your space is already reserved and taken care of.  Who knew I’d be this freakin’ popular? #mommawaswrong

Will you provide content for my site?

Well. I tried. I really did. I loooove writing and I’ve tried to help with content for therapists who’s sites I’ve designed but it went kind of badly. Like that time I tried internet dating. Unspoken and unacknowledged expectations and all that good stuff. Everyone has a style for writing and the type of work they do with clients and the kind of things they want to share on their website. And the way they share and communicate their ideas. No one knows your practice and your therapeutic style like you do which means you provide all of the content and images for your website. If we’re adding content such as blog posts, the’ll be written by you, emailed to us, and then we’ll format and upload your content to your website.

If you’re struggling with content but want to blog, I’d be happy to refer you to a copywriter. I have a working relationship with several amazing folks that can provide content for therapy and counselling websites and blogs. 

Can I really just pay month to month and cancel anytime?

For real! Life and budgets happen and we don’t want to tie you down to things that aren’t working for you or you simply can’t afford at the moment. No wants to be in a forced relaitonship, right? Breaking up is hard to do and I really don’t want you to go but I understand that things change.  Send me an email at support@scarlettandcodesigns.com and I’ll immediately stop your payment plan.  If things change and you want to get back together down the road, that’s cool, too.

How does billing work?

Let’s be honest here. I’m almost 50 and my memory isn’t what it used to be. Which is why I’ve fallen hard for automatic billing. No reminders, no awkward conversations about overdue accounts (I’m not the only one that gets embarrassed by money talk, am I?), and the simplicity of having one less thing to remember. For both of us.

You’ll be billed monthly at the beginning of each month for maintanence on your site for that month. We can do automatic payments from your credit card or bank account beginning the next calendar month after your site launches. If you choose to cancel down the road I’ll try hard not to take it personally and I’ll stop your next payment but will still be available for you for the remainder of the month that you cancelled because you’re payment covers you for the month in advance.  Whew. I think I made that awkward and complicated. #sosorry #overexplainer

Is there a discount if I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Ah. Not afraid of commitment. I like you already. You’re better than all of my husbands rolled together, you little planner, you. (I actually have only had one husband in case you’re wondering. I don’t have him anymore. It’s okay. We’re still nice to each other. #therapistsaregoodatdivorce) 

You betcha there’s a deal for you. If you want to pay yearly, we’ll happily take two months fees off the yearly retainer/maintenance package of your choice.

Congratulations, we’re in a (semi) long term relationship! Don’t worry. I won’t make it weird. (Actually, my tendancy to overshare and be socially awkward might make it weird but not in terms of payment plans and discounts.) #ithinkijustmadeitweird 

What if I didn’t build my site with you?

What? What were you thinking? It’s okay.  I’m sure you had a good reason. Like you didn’t know me or know that I have this great dog and I like wine and WordPress and hashtags. But you’re here now so let’s talk. 

These packages were originally designed for current clients and sites I’ve created because, like a good therapist, I did thorough intake and got to know your personal story while we worked together and now we want to keep going.  And I’ll get your unique webdesign and structure since, you know, I did that.

If you’re new here, and are interested in switching over to our brand of genius let’s talk turkey. Or tofurkey of you’re vegetarian. I like to do a screening consult known in the webdesign business as a website evaluation. It’s like when you take a new referral from someone you know who maybe couldn’t work with a certain type of client. You kind of want to know what’s gone down, why are you breaking up with the last guy, and are you a good fit, right? Basically, I’ll do a full screening with you and your website and will make a list of issues and fixes and suggestions for improvement before we talk commitment. I mean maintenance packages. The fee for a full website evaluation is $300. 

I’m kind of broke and can’t afford a maintenance package right now but I’m scared of breaking my website.

Just don’t touch it and pray to the Internet gods that things don’t collide. 

Sorry. Just kidding. Look, I get it. I bootstrapped all of my businesses which meant that things like maintenance and website design was a total luxury that I couldn’t afford back in the day. That was good since that’s how I learned to build websites and all.  (It’s okay…I eventually took some courses, too!) But you’re starting a private practice, not learning website design so let’s talk DIY.  

When you hire me to design your website you’ll get an instruction book of how tos designed to teach you how to work your site. Is it perfect and comprehensive? No. Because things change all the time and information can become out of date. But you’ll have the basic ideas about how to create posts and pages and how to do simple updates when required. I also include lots of tutorials and links in the booklet about where you can go to learn to use your WordPress site. And, of course, I offer all sorts of tips and tricks and resources if you’re a DIYer right here in the Resources section and on the blog.