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There are a number of companies and services that Scarlett + Co has either partnered with or simply recommends because they’re awesome resources. Some of these resources are affiliate links. See our full disclosure policy here. 

Here are a few of our favourite things that make our work so awesome:

OUR FACEBOOK GROUP. It’s a closed group and carefully curated group of therapists and counsellors living and practicing in Canada. We share resources, tips, ideas, and even referrals with each other. It’s a great place to ask questions about building or starting a private practice. Find us here. 

HOSTING FROM BLUEHOST. Yes, we’re affiliates because we love working with Bluehost. They’re great for newbies who are scared they’re going to break their site and for that, we heart them. Also, if building your own website is something you want to try (not that we’re trying to discourage you from hiring us and all), Bluehost makes that a little less scary.

[And to my cousin who thought it was nuts to encourage people to DIY a website while running a website design business….pbthhttht. (That’s me making raspberries). I’m all about the helping, kiddo. The universe take care of all of us and giving back is cool.]

WORDPRESS. We build all of our sites on WordPress which is free, by the way. You do need hosting and a domain name but it’s a free platform and is literally the best. Once you get how it works, it’s ah-maze-ing!

PICMONKEY. We send you an information package on how to edit and update your website when we hand it over to you. If you ever want to change out photos or edit some for social media, PicMonkey is the best tool out there for beginners. If this is something people are interested, let me know and I’ll add a blog post with tutorials on how to work PicMonkey.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. Ugh. I know. It’s $30 a month in USD and for Canadians that means closer to $38 with the exchange. But it’s literally THE BEST search engine tool to help you get your practice noticed and out there online. You’d think Google would be it but if you google “counseling London, Ontario” (insert your town there unless you’re also living near London), I’m pretty sure that the top results are gonna be from Psychology Today. That’s SEO at it’s best, folks. If you had to rely solely on advertising it would cost a heck of a lot more than that. And, if you purchase a website or a branding package with us, we’ll help you build your Psychology Today profile as well. Ka-ching.

THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT I could not love this woman more if she bought me a pony. She helped me create the words  (via an entire package of 300 template letters ) I needed in private practice and in my other business for pretty much every scenario you can imagine. Yes, she markets to creative entrepreneurs. Guess what? You’re a creative entrepreneur. Because if doing therapy isn’t creative, I guess neither is my kids macaroni art. Or that time I took up knitting.

COACHING I struggled to reinvent the wheel like 2349723058 times before I leaned in to my business and invested my money in hiring a business coach. She literally changed my life. First of all, when you gulp and hit the payment button on a big purchase like coaching, you’re gonna take it and your practice a zillion times more seriously. And it’s like getting in the fast lane to success. My coach is genius and kicked my ass nicely until I got clear on what I was doing, how I was doing it, and, most importantly, the WHY of why I wanted to be in business and private practice in the first place. That investment has skyrocketed my business success. Seriously. Go do this already.

Found a resource you love that makes your private practice run like a well oiled machine? Email me at and let me know.