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Who knew starting a private practice could be so overwhelming?

How do you get clients? What do you do first? Do you need forms? Should you rent a space? What’s this about online counselling? Is anyone actually going to pay me what I deserve? Do I have to offer subsidy or a sliding scale?

It’s enough to drive you back to child welfare or something. Your clients might hate you and you have no autonomy but at least you know you can feed your family.

Seriously. Don’t do that. That’s a sure ticket to Prozac and a drinking problem right there.

Let’s figure this out together. You need some tools to define your practice, figure out your genius zone, and the clients you’d love to work with (because you can and you should!) and to organize yourself so you can take action, delegate tasks, and do what you really love to do – help people!

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about getting started. 


Start and grow a private practice, private practice strategies



As a former business coach and mulit-passionate entrepreneur, I’ve helped clients identify their passion and start and grow a business that has changed their lives. Many of these folks came to me with no idea what they wanted to do with exception of living a more authentic and purposeful life. Not to mention a life that doesn’t involve the 9-5 drudgery and micromanaging bosses. My particular genius zone happens to be helping other people find and develop theirs. 

As a private practice coach, I can do the same for you. It helps that I have my MSW and have spent 20 years in the social work field before leaving to launch several businesses and re-open my own private practice. I believe in big hearted businesses and there is nothing more integrity and love based than a private practice. Social workers, counsellors, and therapists are devoted to helping other people change and live better lives. Let’s get your business off the ground so that you can start doing the work you were born to do. 

I’m picky about who I work with and you should be, too. Schedule a free 20 minute consult with me by filling out the form below and let’s chat! 

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