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I know. It’s weird. The idea of you with a website and putting yourself out there on the internet to get clients and referrals. Gah.

It feels kind of icky and self promoting, right? Like that time your colleague started selling a multilevel marketing thing at work and you found yourself in a Facebook Group and oh, dear God, why won’t she stop spamming you. But what if having a website isn’t about you at all? Because it’s not. It’s about your ideal client and helping them find you. 

So let’s get real about this whole building a website thing. Because it’s really not about self promotion. It’s about helping your clients find you.

Your ideal client, the one you love working with on issues that you completely get is out there right now. Sitting on the sofa, staring at their phone or laptop and Googling how to find a therapist near them or online that gets their specific issue. Your dream client is looking for you and when they find your website, they’re going to be so relieved that to find a therapist out there that gets what they’re struggling with them and can help them. And you’ve made it easy by being online to book them when they’re ready to talk.

Let’s talk building your site.


I only work with 3-4 clients each month so that we can focus on your practice needs. I’m currently booking for February and March.

You’ll be sent a super specific questionnaire that will help both of us focus on your specific skills, training, and the clients you’re excited to work with as well as the vision you have for your website. We’ll talk branding, strategy, and you’ll be given a clear outline of pricing. What’s included, what’s extra, revisions, workflow, and expectations for both of us. No surprises.

All my designs are fully responsive which is geek talk for looking great on different monitors, phones, and tablets and include branding, strategy, and a full instruction booklet and cheat sheet that shows you how to work your website and even make changes down the road. If you don’t want anything to do with that, we offer maintenance packages so you never have to think about the tech stuff again.

Full website packages start at $1500 and we accept payment plans to help you get going fast.

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